Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Campus Life (day 18)

22 January 2013


Today we need to present our thesis statement. Miss Zu already gives much time since we have no class yesterday. The first group that want to present is Faiz Adha and Fikri. They just did one thesis statement, but Miss Zu asked us to do about three thesis statements. The statement rejected by Miss Zu and she asked them to do again. The second group is Salihin and Faiz Othman. Firstly, they show their introduction continued with the thesis statements. They are lucky because their thesis statement was approved but not the introduction. They need to change it because the introduction is not suitable with the thesis statement said Miss Zu. 

After that, they call Asyraf to present. That mean it is my turn to present too because Asyraf is my partner. But we have a little problem because Aysraf not complete the thesis statement correctly. I am never blame him, it is our false. Miss Zu was angry with us and asked us to complete out job and present on the next class. So, Asyraf and I discuss again together besides watching other friends presenting.

When Atikah and Adiba turn, Miss Zu said that they was create a great thesis statement and no grammatical error at all. Miss Zu tell for those who making false in their thesis statement to sit together with other group which did the same type of essay for tomorrow class. After the end of present, all of us make a deal with Miss Zu to attend to her class tomorrow in library because she will not be there.

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