Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 28)

26 February 2013


                 In class, Miss Zu was explained about the references. It is because we need to make our own references for the term paper base on materials that we get. Based on the text book, she teach us one by one, it seem easy but it actually a little complicated because need to follow the format correctly. If not, the reference will wrong.

                After finished, Miss Zu divided us into group because she want us to make to do a forum. It is not easy because I don’t have enough confident to do so. But, what can I do, she is my lecturer, so I need to follow her order. My group is Ika Ahmad, Rozita, Wawa and me. Miss Zu was give us time to discuss, but the time to class end was came, so she extend the forum for tomorrow class. Thanks to God but I still need to do the forum. Hhhhuuuu!!! :’(

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