Saturday, 23 March 2013


Expressing Your Thoughts via Blogging

                If before this that people are preferred to writing their memory or it is called diary in book, but today we can see that people are prefer to choose blogging as their diary (e-diary). It is because the diary that they wrote is only can read by themselves, but with this technology anyone can read and know about our memory. People can express their feeling in blogging, and they can shared with other bloggers. No need to shame because many of blogger are concern and they will give the positive comment about what we were writing. Besides that, with blogging we no need to bring a big diary that we have wrote in our entire life. We just click the button and then we can read again what we have wrote before in the internet. It is more easier than writing in diary.

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  1. after word to must be root word. for example. to writing u must write to write.