Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 36)

19 March 2013


                Today we come to the class early because the class before this is in the same block. But when we arrived, there are a few student in the class and Miss Zu was there. After around 10 minute later, Miss Zu call us in. The activity that we do today is how to understand the passage that were given to us.

                To start the lecture, Miss Zu show us the poet titled “Jabberwocky”. Hurm!! It sound bizarre, I hope the title was right. HEHEHEHE!! After that, Miss Zu asked for someone to read the poet. But no one want to read it. Then, she decide that Salihin will read the poet because Miss Zu said that Salihin seem like want to try avoid himself from read the poet by hiding himself behind Kimah.

                After that, Salihin came in the middle of the class to read the poet. Actually, I can’t understand what the poet mean when Salihin read it, but after read it by myself and the explanation from Miss Zu, finally I can understood what the writer want to tell the reader.

                After finished the reading, Miss Zu asked us about the conclusion. Then, Miss Zu said that we no need to use the dictionary to understand the poet because we can understand the meaning of the word or sentences by our experience and our background of life. Besides that, we can understand the meaning by look at the situation in the poet. You should try it, then you will know what I try to explain. It is fun!! =D



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