Saturday, 23 March 2013


What Do You Expect In Your Result?

What a difficult question to answer. Please!! Don’t do this to me… Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh!!! Actually, I can’t expect any graded in my result, but what I want is the best result than failed. That is already can satisfy myself. It is because I know what type of level that I’m in. If we expecting to high in result, and then we don’t get like what we have expect, it may ruins the heart feeling. I don’t want to be disappointed with my hope. What I need to do is do the best in this final exam, and give the fate to The Greater (God). Insya Allah I will get the best result in this final exam or in other thing. AMINNN…


Expressing Your Thoughts via Blogging

                If before this that people are preferred to writing their memory or it is called diary in book, but today we can see that people are prefer to choose blogging as their diary (e-diary). It is because the diary that they wrote is only can read by themselves, but with this technology anyone can read and know about our memory. People can express their feeling in blogging, and they can shared with other bloggers. No need to shame because many of blogger are concern and they will give the positive comment about what we were writing. Besides that, with blogging we no need to bring a big diary that we have wrote in our entire life. We just click the button and then we can read again what we have wrote before in the internet. It is more easier than writing in diary.


What Blogging Teach You?

                Blogging… What do you thing about this? What I am doing this for? I still blur about blogging. But, what I have seen the benefit by blogging is helping us become braver on writing. It is because in blogging, we are not scare about what people will say about our writing. This is my blog, and I don’t care who will said that my writing or entry is s**k.

                Besides that, blogging give us more time to writing, no need to rush. I can take my time how much I want. And nobody will angry with me. Accept Miss Zu because she want to check the blog to giving the mark. HAHAHAHA!! She is the only person that will angry on me and all my classmate because this blog is such as an assignment for us.

                Overall, the blogging make me learn more about BEL 311. Because I can read my classmate blog’s and I get some knowledge from there that will be very useful. 


Did my writing have improve?

                That is Miss Zu want us to write in this entry. Hurm!! So far, I can see that my writing was improved. It is not like before I get in the class BELL 311. Because in this class, I have learn so much about the writing. Miss Zu always lecture us about writing, explain us about writing, and gave exercises or practice in writing and assignment is also about writing. It sound like we will be crazy because of this word of writing. But, it actually gave us many benefit to do our term paper and other assignment, and the most important it will helping us in final exam.

                Thanks to Miss Zu because she was do this to us, without her, maybe I did not know about writing correctly. Even though my sentences or verb still have the mistake, but it is better than before. Thanks you Miss Zu =D 

Campus Life (day 38)

21 March 2013


                Tonight is the replacement class. I come a little bit late because preparing our yellow portfolio that must be submit tonight. When I’m in the class, Miss Zu and my classmate were discussing the question in the orange paper that she was gave to us before. After that, she explained how to write the essay based on the material in the exam paper. It seem easy but it actually a little bit difficult,.

                After that, Miss Zu asked us to do some survey about the blogging. She gave us some paper to do the survey. I thing it maybe to makes sure that blogging is one of the best way to help improve in writing.

                Before the class end, Miss Zu gave us some food (NASI LEMAK), and some snacks. After eaten, we take some picture to make the memory. I feel so sad on that night, but what we can do, that is the last class. We make apologize with Miss Zu if we was make her angry and stress during this semester when teaching us.


Campus Life (day 37)

20 March 2013


                Today is Wednesday, so as usual the class will be in the lab. Miss Zu give us a few time to updating our blog for those not updating their blog yet. But, I was forgot to bring my pen drive, so I can’t update my blog. It was happen in many time… HUHUHU!!

                Then, when we are doing updated, accept me and maybe my other class mate because I saw the other student are commenting in twitter and facebook. HAHAHA!! Good job my classmate. =..=”

                After that, Miss Zu said that will be two beautiful and gorgeous women that will replace her in lecture today. I thought that have another lecturer from other class, but in only the twin students that have look very similar in my class, Bariyah and Inayah.

                They were going to teach us about the discussion essay. They said this type of essay if easiest then other. Maybe because of their term paper is using this type of essay. They can’t explained to us clearly event though I can’t catch up in certain part, but my classmate understood what they have taught. After the lecture from them, the class end at 6 p.m. 



Campus Life (day 36)

19 March 2013


                Today we come to the class early because the class before this is in the same block. But when we arrived, there are a few student in the class and Miss Zu was there. After around 10 minute later, Miss Zu call us in. The activity that we do today is how to understand the passage that were given to us.

                To start the lecture, Miss Zu show us the poet titled “Jabberwocky”. Hurm!! It sound bizarre, I hope the title was right. HEHEHEHE!! After that, Miss Zu asked for someone to read the poet. But no one want to read it. Then, she decide that Salihin will read the poet because Miss Zu said that Salihin seem like want to try avoid himself from read the poet by hiding himself behind Kimah.

                After that, Salihin came in the middle of the class to read the poet. Actually, I can’t understand what the poet mean when Salihin read it, but after read it by myself and the explanation from Miss Zu, finally I can understood what the writer want to tell the reader.

                After finished the reading, Miss Zu asked us about the conclusion. Then, Miss Zu said that we no need to use the dictionary to understand the poet because we can understand the meaning of the word or sentences by our experience and our background of life. Besides that, we can understand the meaning by look at the situation in the poet. You should try it, then you will know what I try to explain. It is fun!! =D



Campus Life (day 35)

18 March 2013


                Callooh Callay!!! Today the class was canceled because Miss Zu said she have an important thing to do. But, she said that she will make the replacement class in another day. (O..o)

Campus Life (day 34)

15 March 2013


                Today, we are going to do the argumentative essay beacause Miss Zu said that this type of essay always be became the final question. So, we need to pay attention more on this type of essay. It is about we agree or disagree about the topic that we want to discuss base on the given question.

             The argumentative essay that Miss Zu want us to submit on Monday with title “Women Are Becoming Bolder As well As More Aggressive and Men Are More Sensitive” must have reasons and examples to support the opinion. But, before that Miss Zu want to see our thesis statement. 

                Before the class end, my classmate give their thesis statement to Miss Zu, but not at all. When I to give my thesis statement, she was ended the class. So, my certain classmate and I didn’t give the thesis statement to Miss Zu because the time is not enough. 

Campus Life (day 33)

13 March 2013


                Hye everyone, today Miss Zu arrange the date of us to do the speaking test. At the first, my group is on Wednesday night, but Miss Zu have another replacement class of other class. So, my group will postpone on Thursday.

                After that, Miss Zu start the class with explained us about the argumentative essay. To make the essay more effective or perfect, it must contain certain element that are important. After the explanation about argumentative and show some example, Miss Zu asked us to write the argumentative essay by individual. The title of the argumentative is "Women are becoming bolder as well as more aggressive and men are more sensitive. Agree or disagree with the statement." The essay will submit on Monday. It is the busiest week because there are lot of assignment that must be done before the dateline.

Campus Life (day 32)

11 March 2013


                Today, Miss Zu want another group to do the example for the speaking test. The group that need to make the example and the group that had a bad luck is group 5. HAHAHA!! Why am I laughing and said they had a bad luck? That is because the group need to do the example for class same with my group before and the other group only just watching at give some mark to us. But, it actually good because we have nearest experience before the speaking test and it are advantages of us.

                The candidate of the group is Rozita, Diba, Fiqa and Wasim. The present very well, better than my group. Congratulation everyone, I hope that all of the candidate get the better mark. They use the transitional word that Miss Zu gave us for the interaction during the present. They get highest mark for the practice.

Campus Life (day 31)

6 March 2013


                The activity for today is speaking practice. It is for our preparation because next week we have speaking test but Miss Zu came a little bit today, she had a meeting before. She explained us on how to do the speaking test. So, she was divided us into the group because many of us want in the same group with their best friends and Miss Zu do not agree with that.

                After the explanation, Miss Zu said that she want a group to be an example for the class. The bad news is the group that she have choose is my group, Group 1. Other person in my group for the speaking test are Bariyah, Midah and Ana. The topic that Miss Zu given to us for make the example is about the punctuality among Malaysian. We are given 1 minute to read the queation, 5 minutes to write down our own points and 20 minutes to do the discussion.

                We was given the paper that contain some information on how to interrupt other candidate opinion. Then, the other classmate was given a paper with a rubric to give mark to us. It is to show us on how we will graded by Miss Zu. After a few minute, my group start the discussion. I don’t know what happen on me today. I cannot interpret any ideas about the topic. So, I became more blur and blur. What a shame.

                As a result, after graded by our classmate, Midah get the highest mark. Maybe because he like to talk nonsense thing before this even though in Malay. So, he easy to get an ideas. Not that good to me, I’ve got the lowest mark than other candidate. HUHU!! =(

                But it’s okay, at least I got some information about the speaking test because I have forgot the flow of the speaking test when I’m still in Part 1 and 2. HEHEHE!! =D . Before the class end, Miss Zu gave us the 6 set of question as a practice during weekend before the speaking test. Then the class end, but we still have the replacement class at night.

                In the replacement class at the night, Miss Zu explained us about the compare and contrast essay. She divided us into group like usual. Then, she always told us that don’t forget to put the citation and references, same in this night. Then, after submitted the essay that we have combine, the class end. =)

Campus Life (day 30)

4 March 2013


                Today, Miss Zu ask us to bring laptop again. Before Miss Zu forgot about the forum of group six, she ask them to do the forum. Midah, Sara, Fiqa Azmi and Nadia Salehin are in the group six, but one of them are absent, Fiqa Azmi. So, they need to do the forum with only three person as the panel and host. The topic is about plastic bag.

                After that, Miss Zu want us to choose which one of us is the best group, host and panel. As I wrote in my entry before, the best host is Fikri and the best panel is Faiz Adha (Lampit). Then, all of us decide that the best group is Fikri’s group.  Maybe because his group is fun because we cannot stop from laughed.

                To continue the class, Miss Zu want all of us do self-editing and then peer editing of our term paper. But we cannot finished it today. Our references still have mistaken. The class end early today, it seem happy news to my classmate but not me. It is because I have another class, my repeat class (Microeconomics). HURMMM!!! =(

Campus Life (day 29)

27 February 2013


                Today is the day. The day that we need the forum done. After discuss together, all the group do their forum one by one. Miss Zu give us to choose the forum name by our self. So, my forum name is “Ieka”. It is like an Oprah and Ellen reality show. Sound like funny, but that is my forum name because Ika Ahmad as a host of the forum.

                When my group turn came, I feel very nervous. I don’t know why, but I tried my best. Actually not my best at all because I only read based on what I have wrote in paper before. HAHAHA!! What a shame.. However, I feel very happy because we laughing with the some joke from a few friends when they do their forum.

                At the end of the class, Miss Zu need to postpone the forum from group six because not have enough time. So, the group six will do their forum tomorrow. Overall, it look like Fikri will ge the best host for the forum and the best panel is own by Fais Adha because he is the best talker. =D

Campus Life (day 28)

26 February 2013


                 In class, Miss Zu was explained about the references. It is because we need to make our own references for the term paper base on materials that we get. Based on the text book, she teach us one by one, it seem easy but it actually a little complicated because need to follow the format correctly. If not, the reference will wrong.

                After finished, Miss Zu divided us into group because she want us to make to do a forum. It is not easy because I don’t have enough confident to do so. But, what can I do, she is my lecturer, so I need to follow her order. My group is Ika Ahmad, Rozita, Wawa and me. Miss Zu was give us time to discuss, but the time to class end was came, so she extend the forum for tomorrow class. Thanks to God but I still need to do the forum. Hhhhuuuu!!! :’(

Campus Life (day 27)

25 February 2013


                Today, before went to the class, Faez told me that Miss Zu asked us to bring our laptop. It is a very tired day because every Monday our class is too far from our hostel. Furthermore we need to bring the laptop hanging on back.  And I don’t know how many time I was came late on Monday until today. HAHAHA!! Feel guilty but how may I do, I was tried but still not came on time. Just a few days only. I’m sorry Miss Zu, I didn’t mean to attend late to your class. Peace YooOO!!! =D

                Hurm… Back on the story, actually Miss Zu want us bring the laptop is to do the peer editing. We need to swap our own essay with other group. My group essay was given to Rozita and Bella. We swap the soft copy and do commenting. That is all we was do for today, but the class not end. It will be continued on the night. What the tired day.. Hhhuuuuuwaaaaaa!!! =..=’’

                But, it is okay. At the night class, Miss Zu explained about the problem solution essay. The good news is it only have to pattern and easier than other essay, and the bad news is we need to write the essay. Tonight, we need to put in text citation at least one in a paragraph. After done, the class end. Yeeeppeeee  (^..^)

Campus Life (day 26)

20 February 2013

                Hello!! Today Miss Zu will teach us about the body paragraph. But, for today she only will teach us about the cause and effect. This is my group type of essay, so I need to pay more attention. This type of essay actually have five pattern that are and it is difference way to write for each pattern which have their own flow.  Each paragraph should be composed of related sentences that make a single point. Then, it should have the topic sentence to support the idea to make the reader understand on what the writer want to explain.

                After that, Miss Zu taught us about the transition signal. Then, she want us to watch some video and make a cause and effect essay by group. We were divided into some group and each group must watch difference video and make our own topic base on the video. Fuhh!! I still cannot make the essay correctly even though Miss Zu was explain before. But I think it is maybe alright and should try rather than not. I cannot remember who was in my group and the title of our essay. HAHAHA!!

                Continued with the activity, each person in the group need to make one paragraph and then we need to combine it together to make a complete essay. After finished combine the essay, we submit the essay to Miss Zu then she end the class at 6 p.m.



Campus Life (day 25)

18 February 2013


 Hye everyone, we see again after holiday in a week. For the first day in this week, my class have learn about how to guess on what the writer are trying to tell us in their writing. It is to make us easier to understand the question in final exam. Then they play some game but I don’t remember it. That is what my classmate was told me.

Actually I got headache today, so I can’t came to the class. I feel everything around me are spinning. Then, the doctor gave me a Medical Checkup letter (MC) to get a rest when I went to get checkup. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Campus Life (day 24)

6 February 2013


Miss Zu told us to make a comment for other outline. She said that we need to change our outline with others group and leave a comment about their outline. We need to check other group outline if they have made a mistake when complete it. This activity will helping us to get a better mark for outline because we help each other to find some mistake in the outline. 
There are some correction that we must do before send the outline. After a long time, this is my outline. But I still not sure this outline is correct or not. Just wait and see what will Miss Zu told us on the next class after the holiday. 

Campus Life (day 23)

5 February 2013


Today, we need to show our outline that we have done because it must be submit the outline before holiday. In one night, I make the outline with Asyraf. We use the text book for the reference to make a correct outline. Miss Zu said that she will deduct our mark if we make wrong quotation and paraphrase. 

But, today I come a little bit late because I had a headache. So, I went to Penawar, Uitm to get some medicine. When I came to the class, Miss Zu was already check outline Asyraf and I. Asyraf told me that we must make some correction. So, we just do it the correction to get perfect outline. 

On that time, Miss Zu still continued checking other outline to give some teach on what mistake that we have did until the class end.

Campus Life (day 22)

4 February 2013


Today, we need to walk for a little bit far like usual because our class at DSP. So, I came a little bit too. HEHE!!  What was make us more tired is we need to bring our laptop because Miss Zu wants to check our. Miss Zu start check from boys group but not my group. I don’t know why, but she check other group first. Maybe because she angry with me because was came late. But, it is good because we not complete the outline yet. 

After many of group was checked, Miss Zu came to Asyraf and me to see our outline. She want us do some correction because there are something wrong with our outline. Miss Zu was a little bit angry because all of us are not paraphrase the sentences from the materials. Then, she went to check other group. Before the end of the class, Miss Zu told that she want all of us paraphrase the entire sentence.

Campus Life (day 21)

30 January 2013


Today, our class at SL. Miss Zu want to check introduction for our essay. But before that, she want to see my group thesis statement because it is not approve yet. So, we present it again with hope that Miss Zu will accept our thesis statement. Lastly, Miss Zu approved our thesis statement but we must correct the grammar first. 

This is our thesis statement that was accepted by Miss Zu :

There is no doubt that the Lynas project should not be continued due to the fact that
it leads to negative effects towards the environment, however, to a great extent, it is
actually improving energy efficiency, enhancing environmental protection and
producing micro technology.

Thanks to God, I don’t need to make it again. After that, Miss Zu check our introduction from one group to another group. But, before she finished check all introduction, the class end. It is already 6 p.m. Before we dismiss, Miss Zu asked us to do outlining.