Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 32)

11 March 2013


                Today, Miss Zu want another group to do the example for the speaking test. The group that need to make the example and the group that had a bad luck is group 5. HAHAHA!! Why am I laughing and said they had a bad luck? That is because the group need to do the example for class same with my group before and the other group only just watching at give some mark to us. But, it actually good because we have nearest experience before the speaking test and it are advantages of us.

                The candidate of the group is Rozita, Diba, Fiqa and Wasim. The present very well, better than my group. Congratulation everyone, I hope that all of the candidate get the better mark. They use the transitional word that Miss Zu gave us for the interaction during the present. They get highest mark for the practice.

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