Saturday, 23 March 2013


What Blogging Teach You?

                Blogging… What do you thing about this? What I am doing this for? I still blur about blogging. But, what I have seen the benefit by blogging is helping us become braver on writing. It is because in blogging, we are not scare about what people will say about our writing. This is my blog, and I don’t care who will said that my writing or entry is s**k.

                Besides that, blogging give us more time to writing, no need to rush. I can take my time how much I want. And nobody will angry with me. Accept Miss Zu because she want to check the blog to giving the mark. HAHAHAHA!! She is the only person that will angry on me and all my classmate because this blog is such as an assignment for us.

                Overall, the blogging make me learn more about BEL 311. Because I can read my classmate blog’s and I get some knowledge from there that will be very useful. 

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