Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 34)

15 March 2013


                Today, we are going to do the argumentative essay beacause Miss Zu said that this type of essay always be became the final question. So, we need to pay attention more on this type of essay. It is about we agree or disagree about the topic that we want to discuss base on the given question.

             The argumentative essay that Miss Zu want us to submit on Monday with title “Women Are Becoming Bolder As well As More Aggressive and Men Are More Sensitive” must have reasons and examples to support the opinion. But, before that Miss Zu want to see our thesis statement. 

                Before the class end, my classmate give their thesis statement to Miss Zu, but not at all. When I to give my thesis statement, she was ended the class. So, my certain classmate and I didn’t give the thesis statement to Miss Zu because the time is not enough. 

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