Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 26)

20 February 2013

                Hello!! Today Miss Zu will teach us about the body paragraph. But, for today she only will teach us about the cause and effect. This is my group type of essay, so I need to pay more attention. This type of essay actually have five pattern that are and it is difference way to write for each pattern which have their own flow.  Each paragraph should be composed of related sentences that make a single point. Then, it should have the topic sentence to support the idea to make the reader understand on what the writer want to explain.

                After that, Miss Zu taught us about the transition signal. Then, she want us to watch some video and make a cause and effect essay by group. We were divided into some group and each group must watch difference video and make our own topic base on the video. Fuhh!! I still cannot make the essay correctly even though Miss Zu was explain before. But I think it is maybe alright and should try rather than not. I cannot remember who was in my group and the title of our essay. HAHAHA!!

                Continued with the activity, each person in the group need to make one paragraph and then we need to combine it together to make a complete essay. After finished combine the essay, we submit the essay to Miss Zu then she end the class at 6 p.m.



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