Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Campus Life (day 23)

5 February 2013


Today, we need to show our outline that we have done because it must be submit the outline before holiday. In one night, I make the outline with Asyraf. We use the text book for the reference to make a correct outline. Miss Zu said that she will deduct our mark if we make wrong quotation and paraphrase. 

But, today I come a little bit late because I had a headache. So, I went to Penawar, Uitm to get some medicine. When I came to the class, Miss Zu was already check outline Asyraf and I. Asyraf told me that we must make some correction. So, we just do it the correction to get perfect outline. 

On that time, Miss Zu still continued checking other outline to give some teach on what mistake that we have did until the class end.

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