Sunday, 20 January 2013

Campus Life (day 17)

16 January 2013


Today Miss Zu was teaching us how to make a foreword paragraph. I got a little bit confusing to make this paragraph. Until now, I still confuse. ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ!! Miss Zu was shown us the types of hooks that can be use.

Here are the types of Hooks to make the paragraph
1. Personal examples
2. Quotations
3. Facts or statistics
4. Rhetorical questions
5. Current events
6. Contrast to the thesis statement
7. Definition
8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements

The functions of the hooks are to attract the readers to read our writing and the readers will become more interesting to know about our writing. Besides that, we can combine these hooks into one paragraph. Not only use one of them. Just choose which one is suitable to combine them together in writing.

Miss Zu was told us that she want to check this task on next week, Tuesday. Miss Zu was cancel our class on Monday because she has another job as a examination monitor for degree students on that day.

Campus Life (day 16)

15 January 2013


Today, all of my classmates were come late in class. It is because before that, we have a quiz in class QMT, statistics. I feel pity with Miss Zu because she needs to wait us in class alone in half an hour.

So, we continued the like usual even we was late. And today Miss Zu was teach us on how to make a thesis statement. Miss Zu have explain about the thesis statement one by one because she worried that we can’t understood on what we have learn, and it will be waste of time of her.  I just remember a little bit about the thesis statement that we have learnt in semester two, and it still can help me to understand. But, I still sad because can’t remember all of them. I feel regret.

Besides that, Miss Zu also teaching us how to create the best thesis statement based on the type of our term paper. From the lecture we get some ideas to make a thesis statement. Then, Miss Zu was gave the example for us to keep for references. So, we can make the thesis statement easily. And, the thesis statement needs to submit on Tuesday.

Campus Life (day 15)

14 January 2013
Today, at Dewan Sri Peria, DSP Miss Zu want us to debate. It is because the has been asked us that who was have debate before but no one in my class. So, she was given us two title for the topic of the debate.
"Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men / women on facebook like poking, liking and etc."

"Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?"
For this activity, Miss Zu was divided us into 4 groups and I was in a group 3. Group 1 and 2 were for the first title. My group partners are Inayah, Fatin, Rozita, Nina, Nadia and Izzat. We were in opponent side, whereas group 4 is government for the second title. Then, we were given 30 minutes to find the point about the topic.
Here are some points about the first title:
·        Social networking such as facebook, twitter or Instagram. It is just a medium for
      us to make a new friend or even to keep in touch with our friend.
·        To contact with old friend and family that live far.
·        For run a business or event.
·        Poke, like and comment button. The button is already there on the facebook page.
·        A statements that are funny or interesting.
·        Lastly is about the relationship.
And here are some points about the second title:
·        The government side said men are easy to work with and more creative than
      women in give an idea.
·        Men are also has stated in al-Quran that there are the leaders.
·        Opponent side said women are systematic, carefully and perfectly in doing their
·        Women are also has become success than men. For example, Tan Sri Zety Aziz the
      leader of Bank Negara.
After the debate ended, Miss Zu wants us to decide which group will be the winner and the best debater. The winner is group 2 and the best debater is Faiz Adha from group 1. While my group get the same point with the group 4. So, it became a draw competition. The best debater is Rozita from my group. Then, the class end..





Campus Life (day 14)

9 January 2013


Today is the day that Miss Zu wants to check our blog. But before that, Miss Zu asked all of us to improve our blog to become more cheerful or interesting. I just edited some entry in my blog by put the date in each entry because I already get in some picture to my entry before this. Then, we need to comment our friend's blog.

First blog that I was got in was Faiz blog’s. I can’t read his entries well because he used a kind of font in his writing I don’t know the type of that font. And the words became weird. So, I have commented in his blog to change his type of font and give some advice to make his blog more interesting. He was read my comment and laugh.

After that, Miss Zu want shows Izzat blog in front at screen, she said that she can’t read the entries because the font. And she want all of us follow Izzat blog for whom not follow it yet and put some comments about Izzat blog. It is the same problem with Faiz, it is FONT. HAHAHA!! Then, Nina was comment on my entry about the term paper, Lynas. She said that she never heard about the Lynas , and she hope that my topic can explain to him about Lynas effects because she was interest with that topic.

Miss Zu also asked us to reply every comment that was sent from our friends because she said to not let them down. So, I was replied Nina’s comment and said that I will try to do the best for the term paper for the explanation to other about the Lynas effect. Thanks Nina ^..^

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Campus Life (day 13)

8 January 2013


Hye everyone,  today my BEL class is at Usahawan block. Today look like it will become a rainy day because the clouds start to dark and the sunlight looks like want a take some rest. Maybe because it was wake up in the early morning. Hahaha!!  

So, without think about the weather, we get inside to the classroom to start the class. But Miss Zu was a little bit late. When she was came in, her close was wet because the rain start falling down. She switch on the fan to dry her clothes. Izzat and I was feel so cold because the fan and air conditioner were turn on together, and rainy at the outside of classroom. 

It is okay. So, the class start with Al-Fatihah. The topic that we have learnt today is “FACT and OPINION”.  Miss Zu teach us by using her slide with the question in there. That is fun because we try to guest which statements is FACT or OPINION.

Besides that, we have play some games. Miss Zu was divided us into groups, the she want each group choose the materials that she was bring in class today. We need to be a salesmen or salesgirl to introduce our product. Tell about the facts and opinion statements about the product. So, the other groups need to guest which statements is fact and opinion. 

My group get the women talcum powder. I dont know how to explain about that. But my group partners was help me because all of them are girls. After introduce our product and give the statements, my group partners and I try to guest about other group statements. The mark for a correct answer is two point. But my group have a bad luck today. We not get any points because Miss Zu don’t see we raise up our hand to answer the questions. That is so sad. Huhuhu.

Then,  the class end. But before that, Miss Zu reminded us to complete the blog because she want to saw it on the next class.

Activity of salesmen and salesgirl

The twins of Miss Zu today

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Assignment BEL311 (Term Paper)

7 January 2013


Today, I want to write about the assignment that Miss Zu was given us at the first class on 2012. The assignment is about writing essay and the first task is finds the topic about what we want to make the essay title. About this task, we need to find a partner to be cooperate together to complete this task in a topic. So, my partner is Asyraf Jumlan (Acap).

Acap and I need to find our own topic to make our title essay. We was discuss together and the essay that we want to write is cause and effect essay. Then, we was found many topic to make our title essay such as Students who want the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN), The Malaysian Teacher Standards, Lynas Corporation's Rare Earth Extraction Plant in Gebeng, Malaysia and Effectiveness of Brain-Based Learning and Animated Cartoons for Enhancing Healthy Habits Among School Children. That is our topics that we have found, but we need to make a choose which one is more suitable to make our title essay.

After read about all of the topics, we was decide that we want to choose the Lynas Corporation's Rare Earth Extraction Plant in Gebeng, Malaysia as our essay topic and the title is The Cause and Effect Of The Lynas Corporation in Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang. But, before writing this essay, we need to present this topic to Miss Zu to be approved. Not only Acap and I, but the whole class need to present their topic with their partner.

Here is the example of the way that we need to do for present

First step is we need to find the broad topic. After that is the narrowed topic and the last is the focussed topic. Focussed topic is title essay and the topic about what we focus to insert in our writing.

That is not easy to get approval from Miss Zu, we need to find the material and explain about the topic to make Miss Zu agree. So, Acap and I need to explain about the Lynas Corporation to her. Then, she was asked us why we choose this topic because she told me that she never heard about Lynas. That is BIZARRE!! ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ. It is because Lynas Corporation was became a hot political issue when the factory of this company still in progress to build up. Not only her, but some of my friends are not mention about this before.

Besides that, I told him that Lynas will produce the rare earth as their products. And I was told the products will give positive effect to environments. Then she shocked again, I don’t know why she was shocked when I told him about that facts.

After told him about that, she wants to see our material for the essay. But, at that time I forgot to bring the materials. So, we asked her to show our material on the next class. She said, she will approve our topic after we show the materials. the materials must be from internet and  online database.

On the next day, I was show the material to her and gave a little explanation. A few minutes later, she approved our topic and told me to give the title to Athirah because Miss Zu was give the job to her to record all our classmate title.

After many time tried to find the topic, it was approved at the end. That is good news because we were tired to find the materials. It is because I was used my money to buy prepaid topup many times to get internet access to find the material because I was use my hand phone as a internet modem. The internet access facility that UiTM given was not work properly, that is because I need to do so.

So, that is the story about how the topic will get approval. 

Campus Life (day 12)

2 January 2013


Today, our class is at Dewan Sri Peria (DSP). At the morning, Miss Zu was told Faiz, our class monitor to mention that all of our classmates must bring the laptop to the class. Miss Zu wants all of us to bring the laptop because she wants us to complete our blog.

In class, she asked all the classmates to open the i-learn to make a quiz for those who not done yet.  But my classmates can’t log in into the internet access. That is weird because I can use the internet very fast. Because of my classmate can’t use the internet access, Miss Zu told us to go to the library to get the internet access. So, we need to move from DSP to the library. But before that, she wants us to put the signature in attendance.  

Feel so tired. Then, I saw Izzat bought a drink can. So, I asked him to give me a little. Miss Zu told Izzat to finish the drink as soon as possible because we want to go inside the library. When I was drinking Izzat water, Hakimah was punch my back and Miss Zu saw it happen then shocked. She said, “That is not got behaviour Hakimah”. I just laugh with that.  ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ

After that, when we get in into library, I can’t get the internet access. That is weird. I have been try and try but still can’t access the internet. So, Miss Zu asked us to get in into computer lab in library to continued blogging. But Acap and I still try and try to access the internet. I start fed up and give up.

When Izzat came out from computer lab 10 minutes before the class end, I asked him that he want to join me playing “Lan game”. He was agreed and we played MotoGP game together.

Then, the class end at 4 p.m. but Miss Zu not noticed us. She already not there, so we went back to our college.

Campus Life (day 10)

31 December 2012


Today is the first class after the Christmas holiday but the last class in 2012. For the topic that not approved yet before the Christmas holiday, they need to present again today. After the topic was approved, Miss Zu asked us to given the title of our topic to Athirah.

After that, Miss Zu teaching us about paraphrase, then she asked us to make some exercise in text book. Then we will discuss about it tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Campus Life (day 11)

1 January 2013


Today I want to continue my writing. I have learnt about summarizing and paraphrase. Before this, Miss Zu was gave us some homework and she want to us submit it today. After all of us submitted the homework, she asked us to do our online quiz in I-learn. I was tried to solve that quiz by myself and when I tried, the answer still wrong. But at the end, i get full marks.

After that, Miss Zu asked us to pay attention on what she said. After 10 minutes later, Miss Zu asked us to play some game that she have created. We have to find the point in the paragraph. It is a fun game and we enjoyed it.

After the games has finished, Miss Zu asked us to play another game. The game still same like before but in this game, we have to watch some movies and find the point inside that video. Miss Zu divided us into 4 group and we need to discuss together to get the point. My group was in the last places because the others group was answered the true when Miss Zu asked them. 

Then, the class end as usual. I think that is the best class than before and it so fun. Thank you Miss Zu.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Campus Life (day 9)

19 December 2012


Room CLL 4, SL block. That was where our class begin today. Today, we need to continued present the topic of our essay. And this is the last class before the Christmas holiday start. The topic that never present before or have been rejected, they need to present the topic today. Miss Zu said that she want to see all topic before the class end because of the Christmas holiday.
When Faiz Othman and Salihin was present their topic, the topic was rejected. So they need to do it again before the end of the class. All my classmate was present their topic but not Fikri (Musang), it is because Faiz Adha (Lampit) was absent today. Lampit got all the material to present but not Musang, so he needs to present his topic after the Christmas holiday.
We need to get back late because we need to finish the topic present. Many of us was coming late to their co-curiculum

Campus Life (day 8)

18 December 2012


Our class for today is in Usahawan block. We need to present in front about the topic that we have choose to make our essay assignment.  One by one the topic was choose by us to present in front, but not at all approved by Miss Zu because she said the topic is too common. So, which the topic was not approved yet, they must find another topic to be approved before doing the essay.
After that, Miss Zu asked us of which type of essay that we want to do base on our topic that we have choose before. Then, she was give to as the sample of the essay title to make us easier. She asked us to give our pen drive to copy the sample of the essay.
The time was run out, there was not have enough time for my classmate to present their topic. Before the end of the class, Miss Zu said she want we to present the topic tomorrow.

Campus Life (day 7)

17 December 2012


Today, our class is in Dewan Sri Peria (DSP). Acap and I came a little bit late because I went to toilet, taking some privacy time. When we arrived in DSP, the class was started.

In class, Miss Zu was asked us about Past Tense and we have forgot already about the topic but not at all. She asked what we have learnt before this semester because we cannot remember about the topic. Miss zu, we just forgot about the topic only. We know about that, but need some refreshing to remember about it again because have taken a break for a month. We were sorry about that, because can’t answer your question.