Saturday, 23 March 2013


Did my writing have improve?

                That is Miss Zu want us to write in this entry. Hurm!! So far, I can see that my writing was improved. It is not like before I get in the class BELL 311. Because in this class, I have learn so much about the writing. Miss Zu always lecture us about writing, explain us about writing, and gave exercises or practice in writing and assignment is also about writing. It sound like we will be crazy because of this word of writing. But, it actually gave us many benefit to do our term paper and other assignment, and the most important it will helping us in final exam.

                Thanks to Miss Zu because she was do this to us, without her, maybe I did not know about writing correctly. Even though my sentences or verb still have the mistake, but it is better than before. Thanks you Miss Zu =D 

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