Sunday, 20 January 2013

Campus Life (day 17)

16 January 2013


Today Miss Zu was teaching us how to make a foreword paragraph. I got a little bit confusing to make this paragraph. Until now, I still confuse. ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ!! Miss Zu was shown us the types of hooks that can be use.

Here are the types of Hooks to make the paragraph
1. Personal examples
2. Quotations
3. Facts or statistics
4. Rhetorical questions
5. Current events
6. Contrast to the thesis statement
7. Definition
8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements

The functions of the hooks are to attract the readers to read our writing and the readers will become more interesting to know about our writing. Besides that, we can combine these hooks into one paragraph. Not only use one of them. Just choose which one is suitable to combine them together in writing.

Miss Zu was told us that she want to check this task on next week, Tuesday. Miss Zu was cancel our class on Monday because she has another job as a examination monitor for degree students on that day.

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