Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Campus Life (day 22)

4 February 2013


Today, we need to walk for a little bit far like usual because our class at DSP. So, I came a little bit too. HEHE!!  What was make us more tired is we need to bring our laptop because Miss Zu wants to check our. Miss Zu start check from boys group but not my group. I don’t know why, but she check other group first. Maybe because she angry with me because was came late. But, it is good because we not complete the outline yet. 

After many of group was checked, Miss Zu came to Asyraf and me to see our outline. She want us do some correction because there are something wrong with our outline. Miss Zu was a little bit angry because all of us are not paraphrase the sentences from the materials. Then, she went to check other group. Before the end of the class, Miss Zu told that she want all of us paraphrase the entire sentence.

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