Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Campus Life (day 21)

30 January 2013


Today, our class at SL. Miss Zu want to check introduction for our essay. But before that, she want to see my group thesis statement because it is not approve yet. So, we present it again with hope that Miss Zu will accept our thesis statement. Lastly, Miss Zu approved our thesis statement but we must correct the grammar first. 

This is our thesis statement that was accepted by Miss Zu :

There is no doubt that the Lynas project should not be continued due to the fact that
it leads to negative effects towards the environment, however, to a great extent, it is
actually improving energy efficiency, enhancing environmental protection and
producing micro technology.

Thanks to God, I don’t need to make it again. After that, Miss Zu check our introduction from one group to another group. But, before she finished check all introduction, the class end. It is already 6 p.m. Before we dismiss, Miss Zu asked us to do outlining.

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