Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 30)

4 March 2013


                Today, Miss Zu ask us to bring laptop again. Before Miss Zu forgot about the forum of group six, she ask them to do the forum. Midah, Sara, Fiqa Azmi and Nadia Salehin are in the group six, but one of them are absent, Fiqa Azmi. So, they need to do the forum with only three person as the panel and host. The topic is about plastic bag.

                After that, Miss Zu want us to choose which one of us is the best group, host and panel. As I wrote in my entry before, the best host is Fikri and the best panel is Faiz Adha (Lampit). Then, all of us decide that the best group is Fikri’s group.  Maybe because his group is fun because we cannot stop from laughed.

                To continue the class, Miss Zu want all of us do self-editing and then peer editing of our term paper. But we cannot finished it today. Our references still have mistaken. The class end early today, it seem happy news to my classmate but not me. It is because I have another class, my repeat class (Microeconomics). HURMMM!!! =(

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