Monday, 17 December 2012

Campus Life (day 6)

12 December 2012


Today, my BEL311 class location is at SL block. The classroom has some computers as one of the facilities in UiTM, it is such as a access centre. The computers have been included with the internet access to help the students find some information.  So, this facilities have been made the students if UiTM more easily if we want to find some information or to do assignments.

Miss Zu was asked us to complete the blog with the entry. To whom which not have a blog yet, she gave a few times to create a blog and fill the blog with entry. The entry that we needs to fill in the blog are “Our opinion about writing, Our opinion about blogging and the story about BEL311 class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for every week until the end of this semester”.

Then, Nadia Atiqah (pendek) got some problem to log in her blog. She was tried for many times, but she still can’t log in into her blog. So, Miss Zu asked him to create a new blog again. After all of us have been created our blog, we need to follow each other to give some comment of the entries.

After that, Miss Zu was reminded us about other task. The task is about the issues that we need to find it in internet, news paper or library. Then, we need to present it. The task must be made in Microsoft Power Point to make it easier to understand.

Then, the class end when Miss Zu finished about the explanation and the requirement of the task.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Campus Life (day 5)

11 December 2012


In this entry, I want to continue the story on day five. Today, Miss Zu wants to continue the yesterday activity, introduce our partner. To who was not introduces their partner yet, they need to present today. After the activity finished, Miss Zu asked us to play a game. The game name is “That’s Shocking”.

In “That’s Shocking”, we need to write four things that may make people shocked when they know about the facts. We are given ten minutes to write it on paper. After that, Miss Zu asked us to make a paper flight then throw away for many times. It is to make sure that we are not get our paper, the paper must get different owner.

The first name that Miss Zu said will be the first one to read the shocked things on the paper. After reads it, the reader needs to guest who was writing the shocked thing. If the reader did not know who it was, the owner needs to admit. Then the person needs to read the paper that they have.

When my turn came, I read the paper. After that, I need to guest who is the owner of the shocked facts. But I did not know whom. Then, then Nadia Salehin admitted it and she get to read her paper that she got.  

After all of my classmates finished read what have on their papers, the class end.

Opinion on Blogging


In this entry, I will give my opinion about blogging.

Blogging is one of the ways to tell somebody else about our life and write about our felling. It is the one of ways to know about the information too because there are many bloggers which always use the news, issues, gossips and problems as their entries. From there, we can know which want are true or false by reading the blogs and differentiate the entries to know the facts.

Blogging will give us some knowledge too. It is such as a new ways to learn and knows about other thing in life. Sometime people use blog for write a diary, so we can know about the person, and share about us with them too. We also can write some advice and opinion to who is in trouble to solve their problem.

Besides the advantages, blogging also has the disadvantages. It such as the entries in the blogs are fake. In blogging, we need to care about the sensitivity of other people. If not, it may cause some problem or trouble to the blogger and it may harmful them.

So, if we one of the bloggers, we needs to make sure our entries are fact and not fake information to avoid aim or get trouble. 

Opinion on Writing


In this entry, I will share my opinion about writing.

There are many way of writing such as hand writing, writing by typing in computer and many more. It has some advantages too, and my opinion about writing is one of the best ways to improve our knowledge about what has we wrote. From writing, we can know the mistake that we must make some correction.

Besides that, with writing we also can know about more information about the issues or news. That is because we needs to know about what we want to write and the entry must be in facts and true. So, with that way we can improve our knowledge and knows what was happen and what will happen in our life.  

We just need to write the right things and not the false fake to get the good knowledge. And the readers will like on what we have wrote and that is the ways we can share our information that we knows with other person. 

Campus Life (day 4)

10 December 2012


Hi to all my followers and the viewers. I want to continue writing this blog about the first class BEL311 on this week. Today is so tired because I have full time table, start from 8.00am until 6.00pm. Then, my classmates (boys) and I needs to walked very far because the class placed in Dewan Sri Peria (KAWASAN LARANGAN SISWA). It is a hot day, no clouds there to stop the light of the sun.
The activity that my classmate and I need to do today is to introduce our own partner. I forgot to write it in the entry on last week. Miss Zu was given partner to us by a number. Who get the same number, that person are partner for this task. On today, she will picked a number which on she like. So, anyone will be the first one to stand in front and started introduce their partner.  

But today is my bad day, the first partner that needs to get in front is Nadiah Salehin and I. Miss Zu was picked number fourteen. That number is mine and my partner too. Without ready yet, we needs to introduce about each other and tell four facts about partner. Then, we need to ask a question. “Which one from the four facts is false” and the classmate need to guest.

When I stand in front, I can’t speak well to introduce about my partner. I don’t know why it happen to me, maybe because I don’t know how to start the introduced about her even she was told me before about herself and the four fact about him. Continued about the story, when I told about the four facts about Nadiah, Miss Zu said she want us to explain about the facts. So, we need to discuss at in front. I saw again the pugnacious face of Miss Zu, she was angry with us. Then, she asked the students who are not discuss with their partner yet to discuss in ten minutes before present in front. I feel so guilty with this because she was given a week to discuss this task.

After the ten minutes, Nadiah and I continued the presentation. After finished, we need to choose a name to introduce their partner in front and it continued after. This activity make us know more about our friends and which one is true and false facts. It is fun too. We laughed much today because of the classmate reaction when present in front and about the funny facts. I can’t forgot when Faiz Adha (lampit) hand was shaking when he introduce his partner.

When the time of class end are close, Miss Zu told that who was not present yet will do it for the next class. Then the class end with du’a.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Campus Life (day 3)

5 December 2012

Today my BEL311 is at SL block. The class will start late because Miss Zu has a meeting. So, our class will start on 4.30pm. Before went to the class, my classmate and I went to Speaker Conner to buy some ‘asam’. Then we walked away to go to SL bloked. When I eated the ‘asam’, I was given it to Izzat. Then, he make his frowning face because the ‘asam’ are so sour. Asyraf (acap), Fikri (musang), Faiz Osman (midah), Salihin (E’in) n I laughed to him. Then, Midah said “This will make us become fool for a week”, and we laughed again.

When the clock shows on 4.30pm, Miss Zu still not seen at SL block. Then, Midah looked at her phone, there are six missed call from Miss Zu. He don’t mention about that because he was silence his phone. Then, we got a good new. The class was cancel, and Midah told to other classmate. It was so happy because we are start getting tired because today our class start on 8.00am. After that, we go back to our college. 

After arrived on college, we got remember that Faiz Adha (lampit) was not knows about the cancel class. We laughed to him when we know about that but feel so pity with him. Because of us, he needs to walked far to went to the cancel class. We are very sorry Lampit. ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ =D

Campus Life (day 2)

4 December 2012


Today is my second BEL311 class. Nothing interested happen today but just started some introduction of BEL 311. We start our class with du’a and Miss Zu start told us about the syllabus contents of BEL 311. 

The syllabus of BEL 311 is reading, writing and speaking. Reading is divides to many things such as skimming n scanning for information, identify the main idea, outlining, interpreting, making inferences and so on. Then, Miss Zu was asked us the meaning of the ‘outlining’ and nobody answered that question. She waiting us to answer that question until she told us just need to answered in Malay on what we understand about the ’outlining’.  Atikah (ika) tried to answer and the answer is “rangka”. Then Miss Zu asked him again, “What is ‘rangka’? Do you mean skeleton?”.  All of us laugh with her question.

After long period focus on what Miss Zu teach us, she looked at Izzat (Oli) and said “Izzat, stop make that frowning face. What happen with you? Are you okay? ”, and we laughed. “This is too much, I can’t take this” said Miss Zu to kidding with Oli. Then, we laughed again and this time is more loudly. 

Then, I can’t remember what happen after that, but I just remember Miss Zu asked us what is the different of twin in my class, Barieyah and Inayah. Salihin (Jara or E’in) told Miss about their differences. Firstly, he said Inayah is taller than Barieyah. Then, he said both of them are wearing difference watch. Miss Zu was weird because E’in knows about the twin and she asked “How you know about the twin? Do you was stalker them before this?”. He was shy with that question, and laughed.

Before the class end, Miss Zu asked us “Do you want to go to (pasar)?”, and we said ‘yes’. Then she said, “Oh, I know you all like shopping”. Then, we ended the class at 5.30pm with du’a.

Campus Life (day 1)

3 December 2012

Assalammualaikum, today is my first time I write on this blog and my first BEL311 class.
Miss Zu is my lecturer. First time when she got in to my class, with pugnacious face, i was thinks that she will not so friendly. It is because before the time of the English class, i was saw him without smile out from her car which has a big red angry bird hanged in. 

But that is my presumption without know who is she. Nah!! When she start talking in my class, that was shown that she is actually friendly and funny person. She tried to make her students enjoy in her class and give some spirits to us. And when she said "APPROPRIATE", i know that she is Javanese. ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ!! So “DONT JUGDE THE BOOK BY IT COVER”

The topic that I was learn today is nothing, but Miss Zu was explain about the BEL311 and asked everybody about the different of BEL120 and BEL260. Then, she asked the level of difficulties of the subjects, Faiz (LAMPIT or RAMPIT)  my friend’s, I am not pretty sure about that.  He was answered that both of them is in medium level.  After that, it be heard many answers from my classmate until word "SO...SO" then Miss Zu always mention that word until the end of class. That was so funny when Miss Zu said the word and shakes her hand. 

After she asked that question, she told us about the requirements when in her class. Firstly is portfolio. She asked my classmate what colour of file that we want. Then, my classmates said yellow and Miss Zu asked again, “Why all of you like yellow colour?” Actually, that yellow file is our BEL260 file of last semester, not because we like the yellow colour, “DO NOT WASTED”.  Second requirement is blog writing. Looks like weird because never do this before, learn English using the blog writing. But when i think about that again, it is true.  When writing this blog, it will improve my skill of writing essay in English. It may be not seen in short time, “PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT”. Third is dictionary. We must have a dictionary (English-English). Words and the meanings are also in English. How to understand the meanings in English whereas we still find the meanings of words in dictionary? =D

 Today, the rains fall heavily without any mention like any sound of thunder. Miss Zu needs to speak loudly because the sound of the rains fall on the top of the hall is so noise. I still confuse why the class placed in the hall (DEWAN SRI PERIA). This hall is in the girl college area, the boy needs to get in to this area which was has signboard (KAWASAN LARANGAN SISWA). There are many class or place that not used, but maybe the place was full or something. Then, she tried to switch on the sound system, but it not work out. She asked somebody help but nobody in class helped him because no one knows about the sound system. Sorry Miss Zu, we can’t help you because we are not clever already, that is why we are in your class.

Actually, my class will end early today, but because it is raining in the outside, Miss Zu divides my classmates into two groups. Then, she told us to make a circle. Thirteen students out of the circle and the balance of us get inside. By standing and faced each other, she asked us to chat in English about our self with our partner. After she said stop, we need to move to the left to change partner and so on. Chattering with my classmate about myself, what we are doing during the semester break and many more. When my turn to chat with Miss Zu, I tell her about my name, where do i live and about this morning that i have seen him out from his car and then she laughing. After that, she asked us to chat about the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. Honestly, I am not a fan of soccer but i still alert about the result of the match.

When the clock shows on 3.45pm, Miss Zu asked us to stop the activities. Then the class ended.