Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 27)

25 February 2013


                Today, before went to the class, Faez told me that Miss Zu asked us to bring our laptop. It is a very tired day because every Monday our class is too far from our hostel. Furthermore we need to bring the laptop hanging on back.  And I don’t know how many time I was came late on Monday until today. HAHAHA!! Feel guilty but how may I do, I was tried but still not came on time. Just a few days only. I’m sorry Miss Zu, I didn’t mean to attend late to your class. Peace YooOO!!! =D

                Hurm… Back on the story, actually Miss Zu want us bring the laptop is to do the peer editing. We need to swap our own essay with other group. My group essay was given to Rozita and Bella. We swap the soft copy and do commenting. That is all we was do for today, but the class not end. It will be continued on the night. What the tired day.. Hhhuuuuuwaaaaaa!!! =..=’’

                But, it is okay. At the night class, Miss Zu explained about the problem solution essay. The good news is it only have to pattern and easier than other essay, and the bad news is we need to write the essay. Tonight, we need to put in text citation at least one in a paragraph. After done, the class end. Yeeeppeeee  (^..^)

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