Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 33)

13 March 2013


                Hye everyone, today Miss Zu arrange the date of us to do the speaking test. At the first, my group is on Wednesday night, but Miss Zu have another replacement class of other class. So, my group will postpone on Thursday.

                After that, Miss Zu start the class with explained us about the argumentative essay. To make the essay more effective or perfect, it must contain certain element that are important. After the explanation about argumentative and show some example, Miss Zu asked us to write the argumentative essay by individual. The title of the argumentative is "Women are becoming bolder as well as more aggressive and men are more sensitive. Agree or disagree with the statement." The essay will submit on Monday. It is the busiest week because there are lot of assignment that must be done before the dateline.

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