Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campus Life (day 31)

6 March 2013


                The activity for today is speaking practice. It is for our preparation because next week we have speaking test but Miss Zu came a little bit today, she had a meeting before. She explained us on how to do the speaking test. So, she was divided us into the group because many of us want in the same group with their best friends and Miss Zu do not agree with that.

                After the explanation, Miss Zu said that she want a group to be an example for the class. The bad news is the group that she have choose is my group, Group 1. Other person in my group for the speaking test are Bariyah, Midah and Ana. The topic that Miss Zu given to us for make the example is about the punctuality among Malaysian. We are given 1 minute to read the queation, 5 minutes to write down our own points and 20 minutes to do the discussion.

                We was given the paper that contain some information on how to interrupt other candidate opinion. Then, the other classmate was given a paper with a rubric to give mark to us. It is to show us on how we will graded by Miss Zu. After a few minute, my group start the discussion. I don’t know what happen on me today. I cannot interpret any ideas about the topic. So, I became more blur and blur. What a shame.

                As a result, after graded by our classmate, Midah get the highest mark. Maybe because he like to talk nonsense thing before this even though in Malay. So, he easy to get an ideas. Not that good to me, I’ve got the lowest mark than other candidate. HUHU!! =(

                But it’s okay, at least I got some information about the speaking test because I have forgot the flow of the speaking test when I’m still in Part 1 and 2. HEHEHE!! =D . Before the class end, Miss Zu gave us the 6 set of question as a practice during weekend before the speaking test. Then the class end, but we still have the replacement class at night.

                In the replacement class at the night, Miss Zu explained us about the compare and contrast essay. She divided us into group like usual. Then, she always told us that don’t forget to put the citation and references, same in this night. Then, after submitted the essay that we have combine, the class end. =)

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