Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Campus Life (day 13)

8 January 2013


Hye everyone,  today my BEL class is at Usahawan block. Today look like it will become a rainy day because the clouds start to dark and the sunlight looks like want a take some rest. Maybe because it was wake up in the early morning. Hahaha!!  

So, without think about the weather, we get inside to the classroom to start the class. But Miss Zu was a little bit late. When she was came in, her close was wet because the rain start falling down. She switch on the fan to dry her clothes. Izzat and I was feel so cold because the fan and air conditioner were turn on together, and rainy at the outside of classroom. 

It is okay. So, the class start with Al-Fatihah. The topic that we have learnt today is “FACT and OPINION”.  Miss Zu teach us by using her slide with the question in there. That is fun because we try to guest which statements is FACT or OPINION.

Besides that, we have play some games. Miss Zu was divided us into groups, the she want each group choose the materials that she was bring in class today. We need to be a salesmen or salesgirl to introduce our product. Tell about the facts and opinion statements about the product. So, the other groups need to guest which statements is fact and opinion. 

My group get the women talcum powder. I dont know how to explain about that. But my group partners was help me because all of them are girls. After introduce our product and give the statements, my group partners and I try to guest about other group statements. The mark for a correct answer is two point. But my group have a bad luck today. We not get any points because Miss Zu don’t see we raise up our hand to answer the questions. That is so sad. Huhuhu.

Then,  the class end. But before that, Miss Zu reminded us to complete the blog because she want to saw it on the next class.

Activity of salesmen and salesgirl

The twins of Miss Zu today