Sunday, 20 January 2013

Campus Life (day 14)

9 January 2013


Today is the day that Miss Zu wants to check our blog. But before that, Miss Zu asked all of us to improve our blog to become more cheerful or interesting. I just edited some entry in my blog by put the date in each entry because I already get in some picture to my entry before this. Then, we need to comment our friend's blog.

First blog that I was got in was Faiz blog’s. I can’t read his entries well because he used a kind of font in his writing I don’t know the type of that font. And the words became weird. So, I have commented in his blog to change his type of font and give some advice to make his blog more interesting. He was read my comment and laugh.

After that, Miss Zu want shows Izzat blog in front at screen, she said that she can’t read the entries because the font. And she want all of us follow Izzat blog for whom not follow it yet and put some comments about Izzat blog. It is the same problem with Faiz, it is FONT. HAHAHA!! Then, Nina was comment on my entry about the term paper, Lynas. She said that she never heard about the Lynas , and she hope that my topic can explain to him about Lynas effects because she was interest with that topic.

Miss Zu also asked us to reply every comment that was sent from our friends because she said to not let them down. So, I was replied Nina’s comment and said that I will try to do the best for the term paper for the explanation to other about the Lynas effect. Thanks Nina ^..^

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