Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Campus Life (day 8)

18 December 2012


Our class for today is in Usahawan block. We need to present in front about the topic that we have choose to make our essay assignment.  One by one the topic was choose by us to present in front, but not at all approved by Miss Zu because she said the topic is too common. So, which the topic was not approved yet, they must find another topic to be approved before doing the essay.
After that, Miss Zu asked us of which type of essay that we want to do base on our topic that we have choose before. Then, she was give to as the sample of the essay title to make us easier. She asked us to give our pen drive to copy the sample of the essay.
The time was run out, there was not have enough time for my classmate to present their topic. Before the end of the class, Miss Zu said she want we to present the topic tomorrow.

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