Sunday, 20 January 2013

Campus Life (day 16)

15 January 2013


Today, all of my classmates were come late in class. It is because before that, we have a quiz in class QMT, statistics. I feel pity with Miss Zu because she needs to wait us in class alone in half an hour.

So, we continued the like usual even we was late. And today Miss Zu was teach us on how to make a thesis statement. Miss Zu have explain about the thesis statement one by one because she worried that we can’t understood on what we have learn, and it will be waste of time of her.  I just remember a little bit about the thesis statement that we have learnt in semester two, and it still can help me to understand. But, I still sad because can’t remember all of them. I feel regret.

Besides that, Miss Zu also teaching us how to create the best thesis statement based on the type of our term paper. From the lecture we get some ideas to make a thesis statement. Then, Miss Zu was gave the example for us to keep for references. So, we can make the thesis statement easily. And, the thesis statement needs to submit on Tuesday.

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