Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Assignment BEL311 (Term Paper)

7 January 2013


Today, I want to write about the assignment that Miss Zu was given us at the first class on 2012. The assignment is about writing essay and the first task is finds the topic about what we want to make the essay title. About this task, we need to find a partner to be cooperate together to complete this task in a topic. So, my partner is Asyraf Jumlan (Acap).

Acap and I need to find our own topic to make our title essay. We was discuss together and the essay that we want to write is cause and effect essay. Then, we was found many topic to make our title essay such as Students who want the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN), The Malaysian Teacher Standards, Lynas Corporation's Rare Earth Extraction Plant in Gebeng, Malaysia and Effectiveness of Brain-Based Learning and Animated Cartoons for Enhancing Healthy Habits Among School Children. That is our topics that we have found, but we need to make a choose which one is more suitable to make our title essay.

After read about all of the topics, we was decide that we want to choose the Lynas Corporation's Rare Earth Extraction Plant in Gebeng, Malaysia as our essay topic and the title is The Cause and Effect Of The Lynas Corporation in Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang. But, before writing this essay, we need to present this topic to Miss Zu to be approved. Not only Acap and I, but the whole class need to present their topic with their partner.

Here is the example of the way that we need to do for present

First step is we need to find the broad topic. After that is the narrowed topic and the last is the focussed topic. Focussed topic is title essay and the topic about what we focus to insert in our writing.

That is not easy to get approval from Miss Zu, we need to find the material and explain about the topic to make Miss Zu agree. So, Acap and I need to explain about the Lynas Corporation to her. Then, she was asked us why we choose this topic because she told me that she never heard about Lynas. That is BIZARRE!! ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ. It is because Lynas Corporation was became a hot political issue when the factory of this company still in progress to build up. Not only her, but some of my friends are not mention about this before.

Besides that, I told him that Lynas will produce the rare earth as their products. And I was told the products will give positive effect to environments. Then she shocked again, I don’t know why she was shocked when I told him about that facts.

After told him about that, she wants to see our material for the essay. But, at that time I forgot to bring the materials. So, we asked her to show our material on the next class. She said, she will approve our topic after we show the materials. the materials must be from internet and  online database.

On the next day, I was show the material to her and gave a little explanation. A few minutes later, she approved our topic and told me to give the title to Athirah because Miss Zu was give the job to her to record all our classmate title.

After many time tried to find the topic, it was approved at the end. That is good news because we were tired to find the materials. It is because I was used my money to buy prepaid topup many times to get internet access to find the material because I was use my hand phone as a internet modem. The internet access facility that UiTM given was not work properly, that is because I need to do so.

So, that is the story about how the topic will get approval. 


  1. honestly, i don;t know about the lynas. thank god that you guys do this topic so,i hope i will know something about it. good job boys!

  2. thank you nina.. i appreciate that. Insya Allah we may get the true facts that can explain about the lynas to our classmate.