Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Campus Life (day 9)

19 December 2012


Room CLL 4, SL block. That was where our class begin today. Today, we need to continued present the topic of our essay. And this is the last class before the Christmas holiday start. The topic that never present before or have been rejected, they need to present the topic today. Miss Zu said that she want to see all topic before the class end because of the Christmas holiday.
When Faiz Othman and Salihin was present their topic, the topic was rejected. So they need to do it again before the end of the class. All my classmate was present their topic but not Fikri (Musang), it is because Faiz Adha (Lampit) was absent today. Lampit got all the material to present but not Musang, so he needs to present his topic after the Christmas holiday.
We need to get back late because we need to finish the topic present. Many of us was coming late to their co-curiculum

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