Sunday, 6 January 2013

Campus Life (day 11)

1 January 2013


Today I want to continue my writing. I have learnt about summarizing and paraphrase. Before this, Miss Zu was gave us some homework and she want to us submit it today. After all of us submitted the homework, she asked us to do our online quiz in I-learn. I was tried to solve that quiz by myself and when I tried, the answer still wrong. But at the end, i get full marks.

After that, Miss Zu asked us to pay attention on what she said. After 10 minutes later, Miss Zu asked us to play some game that she have created. We have to find the point in the paragraph. It is a fun game and we enjoyed it.

After the games has finished, Miss Zu asked us to play another game. The game still same like before but in this game, we have to watch some movies and find the point inside that video. Miss Zu divided us into 4 group and we need to discuss together to get the point. My group was in the last places because the others group was answered the true when Miss Zu asked them. 

Then, the class end as usual. I think that is the best class than before and it so fun. Thank you Miss Zu.

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