Sunday, 16 December 2012

Opinion on Writing


In this entry, I will share my opinion about writing.

There are many way of writing such as hand writing, writing by typing in computer and many more. It has some advantages too, and my opinion about writing is one of the best ways to improve our knowledge about what has we wrote. From writing, we can know the mistake that we must make some correction.

Besides that, with writing we also can know about more information about the issues or news. That is because we needs to know about what we want to write and the entry must be in facts and true. So, with that way we can improve our knowledge and knows what was happen and what will happen in our life.  

We just need to write the right things and not the false fake to get the good knowledge. And the readers will like on what we have wrote and that is the ways we can share our information that we knows with other person. 

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