Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Campus Life (day 1)

3 December 2012

Assalammualaikum, today is my first time I write on this blog and my first BEL311 class.
Miss Zu is my lecturer. First time when she got in to my class, with pugnacious face, i was thinks that she will not so friendly. It is because before the time of the English class, i was saw him without smile out from her car which has a big red angry bird hanged in. 

But that is my presumption without know who is she. Nah!! When she start talking in my class, that was shown that she is actually friendly and funny person. She tried to make her students enjoy in her class and give some spirits to us. And when she said "APPROPRIATE", i know that she is Javanese. ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ!! So “DONT JUGDE THE BOOK BY IT COVER”

The topic that I was learn today is nothing, but Miss Zu was explain about the BEL311 and asked everybody about the different of BEL120 and BEL260. Then, she asked the level of difficulties of the subjects, Faiz (LAMPIT or RAMPIT)  my friend’s, I am not pretty sure about that.  He was answered that both of them is in medium level.  After that, it be heard many answers from my classmate until word "SO...SO" then Miss Zu always mention that word until the end of class. That was so funny when Miss Zu said the word and shakes her hand. 

After she asked that question, she told us about the requirements when in her class. Firstly is portfolio. She asked my classmate what colour of file that we want. Then, my classmates said yellow and Miss Zu asked again, “Why all of you like yellow colour?” Actually, that yellow file is our BEL260 file of last semester, not because we like the yellow colour, “DO NOT WASTED”.  Second requirement is blog writing. Looks like weird because never do this before, learn English using the blog writing. But when i think about that again, it is true.  When writing this blog, it will improve my skill of writing essay in English. It may be not seen in short time, “PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT”. Third is dictionary. We must have a dictionary (English-English). Words and the meanings are also in English. How to understand the meanings in English whereas we still find the meanings of words in dictionary? =D

 Today, the rains fall heavily without any mention like any sound of thunder. Miss Zu needs to speak loudly because the sound of the rains fall on the top of the hall is so noise. I still confuse why the class placed in the hall (DEWAN SRI PERIA). This hall is in the girl college area, the boy needs to get in to this area which was has signboard (KAWASAN LARANGAN SISWA). There are many class or place that not used, but maybe the place was full or something. Then, she tried to switch on the sound system, but it not work out. She asked somebody help but nobody in class helped him because no one knows about the sound system. Sorry Miss Zu, we can’t help you because we are not clever already, that is why we are in your class.

Actually, my class will end early today, but because it is raining in the outside, Miss Zu divides my classmates into two groups. Then, she told us to make a circle. Thirteen students out of the circle and the balance of us get inside. By standing and faced each other, she asked us to chat in English about our self with our partner. After she said stop, we need to move to the left to change partner and so on. Chattering with my classmate about myself, what we are doing during the semester break and many more. When my turn to chat with Miss Zu, I tell her about my name, where do i live and about this morning that i have seen him out from his car and then she laughing. After that, she asked us to chat about the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. Honestly, I am not a fan of soccer but i still alert about the result of the match.

When the clock shows on 3.45pm, Miss Zu asked us to stop the activities. Then the class ended.

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