Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Campus Life (day 3)

5 December 2012

Today my BEL311 is at SL block. The class will start late because Miss Zu has a meeting. So, our class will start on 4.30pm. Before went to the class, my classmate and I went to Speaker Conner to buy some ‘asam’. Then we walked away to go to SL bloked. When I eated the ‘asam’, I was given it to Izzat. Then, he make his frowning face because the ‘asam’ are so sour. Asyraf (acap), Fikri (musang), Faiz Osman (midah), Salihin (E’in) n I laughed to him. Then, Midah said “This will make us become fool for a week”, and we laughed again.

When the clock shows on 4.30pm, Miss Zu still not seen at SL block. Then, Midah looked at her phone, there are six missed call from Miss Zu. He don’t mention about that because he was silence his phone. Then, we got a good new. The class was cancel, and Midah told to other classmate. It was so happy because we are start getting tired because today our class start on 8.00am. After that, we go back to our college. 

After arrived on college, we got remember that Faiz Adha (lampit) was not knows about the cancel class. We laughed to him when we know about that but feel so pity with him. Because of us, he needs to walked far to went to the cancel class. We are very sorry Lampit. ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ =D

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