Monday, 17 December 2012

Campus Life (day 6)

12 December 2012


Today, my BEL311 class location is at SL block. The classroom has some computers as one of the facilities in UiTM, it is such as a access centre. The computers have been included with the internet access to help the students find some information.  So, this facilities have been made the students if UiTM more easily if we want to find some information or to do assignments.

Miss Zu was asked us to complete the blog with the entry. To whom which not have a blog yet, she gave a few times to create a blog and fill the blog with entry. The entry that we needs to fill in the blog are “Our opinion about writing, Our opinion about blogging and the story about BEL311 class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for every week until the end of this semester”.

Then, Nadia Atiqah (pendek) got some problem to log in her blog. She was tried for many times, but she still can’t log in into her blog. So, Miss Zu asked him to create a new blog again. After all of us have been created our blog, we need to follow each other to give some comment of the entries.

After that, Miss Zu was reminded us about other task. The task is about the issues that we need to find it in internet, news paper or library. Then, we need to present it. The task must be made in Microsoft Power Point to make it easier to understand.

Then, the class end when Miss Zu finished about the explanation and the requirement of the task.

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