Sunday, 16 December 2012

Opinion on Blogging


In this entry, I will give my opinion about blogging.

Blogging is one of the ways to tell somebody else about our life and write about our felling. It is the one of ways to know about the information too because there are many bloggers which always use the news, issues, gossips and problems as their entries. From there, we can know which want are true or false by reading the blogs and differentiate the entries to know the facts.

Blogging will give us some knowledge too. It is such as a new ways to learn and knows about other thing in life. Sometime people use blog for write a diary, so we can know about the person, and share about us with them too. We also can write some advice and opinion to who is in trouble to solve their problem.

Besides the advantages, blogging also has the disadvantages. It such as the entries in the blogs are fake. In blogging, we need to care about the sensitivity of other people. If not, it may cause some problem or trouble to the blogger and it may harmful them.

So, if we one of the bloggers, we needs to make sure our entries are fact and not fake information to avoid aim or get trouble. 

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