Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Campus Life (day 2)

4 December 2012


Today is my second BEL311 class. Nothing interested happen today but just started some introduction of BEL 311. We start our class with du’a and Miss Zu start told us about the syllabus contents of BEL 311. 

The syllabus of BEL 311 is reading, writing and speaking. Reading is divides to many things such as skimming n scanning for information, identify the main idea, outlining, interpreting, making inferences and so on. Then, Miss Zu was asked us the meaning of the ‘outlining’ and nobody answered that question. She waiting us to answer that question until she told us just need to answered in Malay on what we understand about the ’outlining’.  Atikah (ika) tried to answer and the answer is “rangka”. Then Miss Zu asked him again, “What is ‘rangka’? Do you mean skeleton?”.  All of us laugh with her question.

After long period focus on what Miss Zu teach us, she looked at Izzat (Oli) and said “Izzat, stop make that frowning face. What happen with you? Are you okay? ”, and we laughed. “This is too much, I can’t take this” said Miss Zu to kidding with Oli. Then, we laughed again and this time is more loudly. 

Then, I can’t remember what happen after that, but I just remember Miss Zu asked us what is the different of twin in my class, Barieyah and Inayah. Salihin (Jara or E’in) told Miss about their differences. Firstly, he said Inayah is taller than Barieyah. Then, he said both of them are wearing difference watch. Miss Zu was weird because E’in knows about the twin and she asked “How you know about the twin? Do you was stalker them before this?”. He was shy with that question, and laughed.

Before the class end, Miss Zu asked us “Do you want to go to (pasar)?”, and we said ‘yes’. Then she said, “Oh, I know you all like shopping”. Then, we ended the class at 5.30pm with du’a.

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