Sunday, 16 December 2012

Campus Life (day 5)

11 December 2012


In this entry, I want to continue the story on day five. Today, Miss Zu wants to continue the yesterday activity, introduce our partner. To who was not introduces their partner yet, they need to present today. After the activity finished, Miss Zu asked us to play a game. The game name is “That’s Shocking”.

In “That’s Shocking”, we need to write four things that may make people shocked when they know about the facts. We are given ten minutes to write it on paper. After that, Miss Zu asked us to make a paper flight then throw away for many times. It is to make sure that we are not get our paper, the paper must get different owner.

The first name that Miss Zu said will be the first one to read the shocked things on the paper. After reads it, the reader needs to guest who was writing the shocked thing. If the reader did not know who it was, the owner needs to admit. Then the person needs to read the paper that they have.

When my turn came, I read the paper. After that, I need to guest who is the owner of the shocked facts. But I did not know whom. Then, then Nadia Salehin admitted it and she get to read her paper that she got.  

After all of my classmates finished read what have on their papers, the class end.

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