Sunday, 16 December 2012

Campus Life (day 4)

10 December 2012


Hi to all my followers and the viewers. I want to continue writing this blog about the first class BEL311 on this week. Today is so tired because I have full time table, start from 8.00am until 6.00pm. Then, my classmates (boys) and I needs to walked very far because the class placed in Dewan Sri Peria (KAWASAN LARANGAN SISWA). It is a hot day, no clouds there to stop the light of the sun.
The activity that my classmate and I need to do today is to introduce our own partner. I forgot to write it in the entry on last week. Miss Zu was given partner to us by a number. Who get the same number, that person are partner for this task. On today, she will picked a number which on she like. So, anyone will be the first one to stand in front and started introduce their partner.  

But today is my bad day, the first partner that needs to get in front is Nadiah Salehin and I. Miss Zu was picked number fourteen. That number is mine and my partner too. Without ready yet, we needs to introduce about each other and tell four facts about partner. Then, we need to ask a question. “Which one from the four facts is false” and the classmate need to guest.

When I stand in front, I can’t speak well to introduce about my partner. I don’t know why it happen to me, maybe because I don’t know how to start the introduced about her even she was told me before about herself and the four fact about him. Continued about the story, when I told about the four facts about Nadiah, Miss Zu said she want us to explain about the facts. So, we need to discuss at in front. I saw again the pugnacious face of Miss Zu, she was angry with us. Then, she asked the students who are not discuss with their partner yet to discuss in ten minutes before present in front. I feel so guilty with this because she was given a week to discuss this task.

After the ten minutes, Nadiah and I continued the presentation. After finished, we need to choose a name to introduce their partner in front and it continued after. This activity make us know more about our friends and which one is true and false facts. It is fun too. We laughed much today because of the classmate reaction when present in front and about the funny facts. I can’t forgot when Faiz Adha (lampit) hand was shaking when he introduce his partner.

When the time of class end are close, Miss Zu told that who was not present yet will do it for the next class. Then the class end with du’a.

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